Technical Information

General properties of RT-506-508


The Technical Properties of the Rotating Oven   



Capacity        8 ton / 24 hours
The dimensions of the sugar cube

To be decided by the owner.

The produced package 

360 cube1 kg or 750 g package or

As mentioned by the owner    

The dimensions of the package Depends on the dimension of the cube 
The quality of the raw sugar

1.    Dray refinery sugar (at most 0.05% wet )

 Wight and constant quality 0,3 – 0,6 mm

 Crystal sugar

The quality of water

  as quality as drinking water.

the quality of the package’s carton 

suitable for food product using 

% 9 (+, - %2) wet 

400 micron (+, - % 10) thick

the quality of glue

Henkel  3101

The present electrical power 40 kW
The consumption of electric  30 kW ( approximately  )
The consumption of pressured air 6 bar 200 Nl / min. ( clean from oil and dust)
The consumed water   1 m3 /24 hours


The color of the complex As mentioned by the owner or 9010–6017 green
The length of the complex Minimum 26-28 m  
The width of the complex 10 m
The height of the complex  3 mt 
The place for set up the complex dust-free and maximum humidity of 70% 
The worker needed to operate the complex 5 persons