Multi Full Automatic Packing Machine

Multi Full Automatic Packing Machine

There is a Multihead system scale unit on the machine. The figures on the Multihead scales may vary as 10-12-14-16-20-24 depending on the product to be produced and the weight In the Multihead scale systems, products that are difficult to weigh such as dried fruits, ravioli, noodles, dried grapes may easily be packed. The main chassis operating under the Multihead scale system is a single body chassis with a thickness of 6 mm The packing unit has been designed totally mechanically and the air requirement has been minimized. In the packing fastening roller of the packing unit, air shaft pin has been used. The pallets that draw the packing in the packing unit are supported with a special rail system. The minimum and maximum gram intervals will be determined according to the number of the scales of Multihead scale unit. The material used in the scale and packing unit are made of 304 stainless steel totally conforming with foodstuff. Since the scale unit and the packing unit work independent of each other, the rate of mistakes in the weight has been minimized. The most significant factor of the Multihead scale systems is that the weighing is correct. The number of the packages in the Multihead scales are more than the other scale systems. The number of the packages taken during the production can be reported on the monitor of the packing unit. The flow of the product into the scale unit is through an elevator with bucket. The speeds of the packing unit and scale unit may be adjusted on the PLC monitors. The is a numerator system in the packing unit for printing the production and best before dates on the package of which the dates can be changed easily. The packing group can be adjusted to the right and left sides easily using the motor with reducer on the packing group.

Technical Information



Machine dimensions: Width: 2300 mm – Length: 2500 mm – Height: 4000 mm – Height includes the elevator. 

Operation weight (10 scales): 0-1000 gr

Capacity (10 scales): 40-60 packages/min

The capacity may vary depending on the weight and product. 

Electric power: 380v – 50Hz

Air pressure: 6-8 bar

Energy consumption: 3 Kw/h