Full Automatic Cube Sugar Machine (RT-112)

Full Automatic Cube Sugar Machine (RT-112)

The RT 112 Full Automatic Cube Sugar Production and Packing Facilities of Taysan Makine San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti., a product of the production experience of machinery and machinery parts as well as a product of those you got used to it since more than 10 years, will be preferred in many countries in the world due to reasons such as especially low investments costs, low labor requirement, easy usage, low energy consumption and many similar unique characteristics. The facilities that are erected on turn-key basis have been produced according to the principle of 24-hours working. In the projects, Taysan Makine works in full cooperation with the cube sugar producers and completes the installation in a short period of time with its experts after the customer has fulfilled the conditions in accordance with the most optimal placement plan determined in mutual agreement in such a way that its facilities are suitable for the producing plant. The facilities that have been produced based on the logic of full automation will be controlled by an Operator Plan and the information such as the daily production, working hours etc. will be recorded by the same Control Panel, thus statistical information about the facilities will be supplied. The facilities that are in conformity with the food production codex are produced of stainless steel with AISI 304 quality. There is also a manual version of the full automatic cube sugar line that is produced by our company. 

Technical Information



1. Code – RT 112

2. Capacity – 12.000 boxes / 24 hours

3. Measurements of the cube sugar to be produced – To be determined by you

4. Cube sugar boxes to be produced – 360 pieces of sugar in 1 kg or 750 gr boxes – the measurements of the boxes will be determined according to the measurements of the cubes of sugars 

5. Powder sugar quality – Dry refined (maximum humidity 0,05%)

6. Crystal powder sugar of 0,3 – 0,6 mm in white and fixed quality composition

7. Water quality – must be potable 

8. Cardboard quality of the sugar box – According to foodstuff codex 9% (+,-2%) humidity; to be cut downstream at a thickness of 400 micron (+,-10%) 

9. Quality of the glue to be used – Henkel 3101

10. Established electric power – 55 kW

11. Mean electric consumption – 35 kW (average)

13. Pressurized air consumption – 6 bar 200 Nl / min (free of oil and dust)

13. Consumed water – 1 m3 / 24 hours 

14. Color of the facilities – optional or 9010 – 6017 green

15. Length of the facilities – minimum 36 m

16. Width of the facilities – 10 m

17. Height of the facilities – 3 m

18. Area where the facilities are to be erected – Without dust and with maximum 70% relative humidity

19. Number of persons to operate the facilities – 3 persons 

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