Sugar Cube Properties
Sugar Cube Properties

1. Both the crystal sugar, sugar cubes and liquid sugar used in the technology and the additives used throughout the production of halal products as a result of the old technology, both crystal sugar and liquid sugar as a color bleach (whitening) bone charcoal (bone char) was used. This was a problem for vegetarians, especially Muslims, as it was of animal origin. In this plant we have seen that the production of crystalline sugar In the carbonization unit, CO2 gas obtained from the lime production process is used. In the production of liquid sugar, Aktiv Carbon is produced from pine wood shavings. In the case of sugar cubes, instead of the production where bone flour was used, sugar is produced as a result of pressing process in the molds where water and steam are used.


2. We are delighted that the company's adherence to health and religious boundaries for the production of sugar-based confectionery and chocolate-like products and the warmth of our recommendations for the establishment of a gelatine production facility in our country.


3. For the first time in our country, with the establishment of liquid sugar plant, it was established by the partnership of Cargil-Ülker and imported and modified genetically modified corn and processed into a field where artificial sweeteners were produced and a local and halal product was replaced. to contribute.


4. The company focuses on socially oriented services in addition to its commercial objectives. In this context, the company attaches great importance to afforestation in the surrounding villages and towns, so far they have realized 2 million tree saplings. In addition, taking advantage of the temperature of the water of the kondes established organic farming activities are done in accordance with organic agriculture ...


We wish these well-meaning executives success in their work.




1. Why does sugar cubes leave fat on the tea?

Answer: In the past, during the production of sugar cubes, auxiliaries were used to facilitate the production. When these substances were sometimes mixed with water (eg in tea), they could have different appearances. However, such conditions do not occur in the currently produced sugar cubes.


2. What is brown sugar?

Answer: Brown sugar is a sugar obtained by mixing white crystalline sugar with some molasses. Because it is brown, it is called "brown sugar" or "brown sugar".


3. What does limestone do?

Answer: Limestone is one of the auxiliary raw materials in the sugar production process and is used as lime milk in the treatment of raw sherbet in sugar fabrication. The lime milk is prepared by quenching the quicklime from the limestone and the raw sherbet is treated with this lime milk at the treatment station. However, in the subsequent filtration stage, all lime residues and other solids other than sugar from the beet are completely removed from the slurry. Therefore, there are no lime residues in the crystallization, ie the structure of the sugar we know.


4. Is there an additive in powdered sugar compared to granulated sugar?

Answer: Neither cube sugar nor white crystalline sugar contain any additives.


5. How many pounds of beet sugar comes out of beet?

Answer: Depending on the sugar content of the beet used, approximately 1 kg. White crystalline sugar is obtained.


6. Is the sugar used by diabetics produced from beet?

Answer: The word Şeker sugar olarak is sometimes used as the general name of taste-flavoring substances. In general, however, sugar refers to a sweet white crystalline substance whose chemical name is "sucrose". The sugar obtained from sugar beet is "sucrose". Saccharose is broken down in the body and converted into glucose and fructose which is a kind of sugar and used by the body as a source of energy.

Diabetes patients cannot use sucrose or sugars of this class, since the rough description of diabetes is that the amount of glucose in the blood is above normal values. Instead, they use only sweetening chemical sweeteners, which are flavoring but do not have a chemical structure of sugar or sugar derivatives. Therefore, these chemical sweeteners are not produced from beets because they are not of the class of sugars. However, the use of these substances should be strictly according to the doctor's advice.


7. What are the differences between cane sugar and beet sugar?

Answer: The structure of both sugar cane sugar and sugar beet sugar is "sucrose". There is roughly a difference. However, since the effects of organic and inorganic substances from the structure of both plants on crystallization may be different, there may be differences in the crystal structure of cane sugar and beet sugar.


8. Is coal powder used in sugar production?

Answer: In the first years of sugar technology, coal powder was used in the refinery because of its bleaching properties. But today's modern sugar production technology